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Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sarah Long first showed her artistic ability with a drawing of her father. From childhood, her parents encouraged further training. Her skill underwent refinement at a high school that specialized in the visual arts, where she studied under sculptor Marie Henderson. 


At Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, Sarah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. As a recipient of a graduate fellowship, she continued her education  at the Savannah College of Art and Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree. Sarah’s paintings and drawings have been featured at the Telfair Museum of Art Ball, as well as the Gordonston Art Fair. She lives in the low-country of South-Georgia with her family.

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Crown of Beauty

"Crown" comes from a verse in the Book of Isaiah that describes a "crown of beauty." The name for my business was found in making art for my clients to treasure. Twelve years after I started my business, I would give my only daughter the middle name "Laurel," also referencing a crown of beauty or wreath of flowers.  It's this idea, of having something beautiful that is treasured and loved, that gives my work its meaning.

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