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En plein air is a French term for outdoors, and plein air painting is a rapid approach that has a fresh impressionistic look. For plein air commissions, such as wedding paintings, I paint live at the actual event and finalize details in my studio. 

Deloach painting final original.jpg
On-site process

For this event I set up before the ceremony began and went to work! I was happy to paint and interact with guests that came to watch or ask questions. The fun continued at the wedding reception afterward.

wedding photo 2_edited.jpg
on site painting_edited_edited.jpg
me and bride copy_edited.jpg
wedding noonburg detail 2 copy_edited.jpg

Client Testimonial

"The painting looks beautiful, thank you so much Sarah! We are both so grateful and really enjoyed working with you and having you at our wedding. Thank you again so much for letting us utilize your amazing talent. This painting will be a family heirloom of ours and will be treasured." 

wedding for site_edited.jpg
wedding noonburg copy_edited.jpg
Other special occasions 

Engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays are perfect opportunities to surprise a loved one with portraits. Another great way to memorialize a loved one is to create a tribute portrait. 

engagement painting_edited_edited.jpg
B and W wedding final 2_edited.jpg
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